Friday, September 08, 2006

New to the Blogroll, and a meme

I've been tracking my searches and stats pretty carefully recently, and have noticed a bunch of weird things: (1) a really lot of searches for both the Loud Family and the Nazi Twins; (2) not as many, but still a surprising number of searches for individual members of Shoes; and (3) hits from other blogs I don't know. I tracked down one of these and found myself at the terrific Sheer Golden Hooks. Then I wandered through Scott's blogroll and found For the Records (a Canadian guy who goes to more shows than you have pennies in your house) and the New Wave Outpost. Welcome to the blogroll, guys!

And the divine watertiger has tasked me with a meme: If you could ask the world five questions, what would they be? I'm going to assume that I get to aske these questions of people in currently power, so I'm going to ask some things I really want to know.


(1) Why are you so afraid of women? (okay, I cribbed that from watertiger) But seriously, unless they're wholly desexualized (Rice) or wholly sexualized (Jenna/NotJenna) you have no time for them at all. I'm just curious why. Have you never had a mother, or a sister, or a wife, or a female friend with whom you could talk openly?

(2) Why are you so afraid of free and fair and transparent elections? Doesn't it seem like, as the leading light of democracy in the modern world, we should be able to, you know, count our votes without the intervention of openly partisan corporations? Shouldn't our electoral apparatus exist beyond the machinations of elected officials like Ken Blackwell and Katherine Harris?

(3) Do you really believe that, assuming there is a God and an afterlife, hating on gays and wantonly slaughtering innocent people in the Muslim world will get you more points than feeding the poor kid who lives in your city?

(4) Have you seen theocracy? Do you know what it looks like? Is that really your vision for America?

(5) What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? (okay, I cribbed that one, too)


watertiger said...

seriously, you have to wonder about the fear of women. think about how far back it goes.

refinnej said...

>(5) What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? (okay, I cribbed that one, too)<

It's an excellent question, no matter who asked it first.

Anonymous said...

I was checking my referrer stats and came across your blog. Thanks for the add, BTW. I'll be looking back to your blog from time to time. BTW, I do go to a lot of shows, but actually most of the shows I have question-marked on my sidebar, I'll probably end up not going to at least half of them.

Scott said...

Thanks for the write up about my blog Sheer Golden Hooks, glad to know you liked it. I never check who is linking to me and just noticed your comments so it was a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Good questions. I also wonder if the wingnuts have seen a theocracy, if they know the word itself or quite know (yet) what it is they advocate. My hope is that most just don't know, but if respectfully shown the path they're on they'll come to their senses. Two years ago I didn't know a theocracy from Adam, and today am convinced it's a real threat. People have to want to learn, it always comes down to that.