Monday, September 24, 2007

As Good As It Gets

Paul Westerberg on Saturday Night Live back in '93.

I remember watching this from a barstool when it first aired and thinking "That's what rock n roll is supposed to look and sound like."


billy b said...


If you

Were a pill

I'd take a handful

At my will

And knock you back with something

Sweet as wine

Anonymous said...


Anyone who can sit still through that has to be dead.

Heather said...

Who's in the band?

TMink said...

Works for me. But whenever Paul decides to rock it works for me.


steve simels said...

The other musicians in the clip are Dave Minehan, Darren Hill and Josh Freese.

Anonymous said...

Steve - I remember it well, as it was the first time that I saw someone that I knew from the local scene on national television! (David Minehan - geetar on left - late of Beantown hood rats The Neighborhoods. Darren Hill was in The Raindogs, IIRC, but they were before my time.)
The 'Hoods played a short reunion set at a book launch party I was at the other night, and WHAM! POW! - it was 1990 all over again. Rocked.Their.Asses.Off. Love that dirty water!
- Bill Buckner