Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nashvegas Confidential

And speaking as we were downstairs about alt-country meeting the British Invasion, here's a fantastic six-minute promo film that answers the musical question: Who is Webb Wilder?

You can find out more about the self-proclaimed Last of the Full Grown Men here, but suffice it to say that nobody has come up with a better synthesis of Hank Williams, the Beatles and Andrei Tarkovsky. It is also worth noting that Webb does by far the best cover version of The Flamin' Groovies "Slow Death" ever committed to the digital domain; you can hear an excerpt from it if you scroll down on the page here.


Anonymous said...

'Round these parts the Aging Rock Dorks still speak fondly of the night Mr. Wilder tore it up in Cambridge. Absolutely stunning set at the Middle East Down - he went over his set time and broke curfew, and the club pulled the plug on him, much to his displeasure. He hasn't played Boston SINCE - and this show was circa 1993. "Come back, Webb, Come back!"
(Steve - somewhere in the archive I've got live stuff from Webb, and the aforementioned Mr. Ringenberg that I'd be happy to send along...)
-b. buckner

steve simels said...

Bill -- what I'm really looking for is a copy of the now out of print "Doo Dad" album -- on balance his best -- and a DVD of his "Corn Flicks" short films.

There's an excerpt from the latter on YouTube which just makes me furious that I lent somebody the tape and I forget who....

TMink said...

Webb is a unique artist when it comes to self promotion. He and the band so rock when that is their intention. A Nashville treasure, here is hoping for a more national appreciation.

But I was dissapointed as I sampled the Amazon tracks to find the "My Mind's Eye" was not the version I remember from the band Aorta.


Glen said...

Doo Dad and Corn Flicks are not likely to be released on CD/DVD. Doo Dad is stuck in record company hell, and I'm not sure what the status of Corn Flicks is, ownership wise.

TMink said...

Doo Dad is sure fun. I will look for some extra copies of his stuff at the used record stores.

Vinyl lives!