Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sirens of the 60s, Part Deux

Riffing off Steve's post on the lovely Evie Sands, it made me think of another decidedly more obscure 60s chanteuse and I just had to check out YouTube immediately. Callooh! Callay! There was a video!

I was thinking of 60s mod icon Sharon Tandy who waxed one of the crown jewels of freakbeat fandom with her legendary tune Hold On which featured the scorching backing of pop sike legends Les Fleur De Lys, who are probably best known for their smashing cover of the Who's Circles.

If you are interested, there's a nice career retro of Sharon's work on Big Beat. This tune is rather atypical of the majority of her 60s recorded work as she generally trafficked in blue-eyed soul and pop, although it is interesting to note that this disc also includes some tracks from a 1966 session at Stax where she was backed by Isaac Hayes and Booker T. & the MG's.


steve simels said...

KC --

The things you know. Just amazing.

Seriously, I'd never heard of this gal. What an amazing record -- that guitar freakout at the end is, for want of a better word, awesome.

Great call!!!

steve simels said...

Wow -- just read her bio.

She's a nice Jewish girl from South Africa to boot -- nee Sharon Finkelstein!!


Kid Charlemagne said...

Steve, there is another slide show (sorry no video) of her other tune with the Fleur De Lys called "Daughter of the Sun." It's killer too. Find it here.

She is a goddess!

Phila said...

Amazing. My only knowledge of Tandy is from an incredibly melodramatic little number called "Stay With Me," which I'll happily e-mail you if you don't already have it.

Kid Charlemagne said...

Thanks phila for the offer!

I have the comp I mentioned in the post and that tune is included. The disc was a budget bin score when Tower was going out of business. With the demise of Tower, I miss not having a place to make such serendipitous finds anymore.