Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh, How Cute Is That?

I received this note from Jon Sebastian, of The Color Wheels.

Poughkeepsie's husband-and-wife duo The Color Wheels have been playing together since 2003. "My then girlfriend Psalm asked me to teach her how to play the drums," explains Jon Sebastian, singer and guitarist. "Her first lesson quickly turned into our first band practice, and I immediately began writing songs for us to play."

After a string of demos and shows, the band recently entered the studio to record their first album. Behind the record's jangly guitars and sing-along melodies lies carefully crafted indie pop, and a tongue-in-cheek take on themes of awkward emergent adolescence.

Their new self-titled full-length album The Color Wheels is available now on Viper Bite Records.

Neko Case and Carl Newman used to have a stage shtick about being married: sucked in plenty of people, including me, maybe because it's such a nice idea. But apparently it's true in this case.

Jon's sending me a copy of their forthcoming CD; report to follow.


steve simels said...

I love the name of the record label.

Viper Bite...

Back in the 70s, some friends of mine and I used to make horrible home albums on a four-track machine in the basement. Our musical talents ranged from fair to not so good.

We'd make cassettes of them for our tolerant friends. The name of our make-believe record label was
Frog Death.

Anonymous said...

Music nerd! :0)