Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Classical Gas

Here's my humble contribution to the Halloween festivities, a great live clip of God-like 6Ts legends THE MOVE performing their 1967 #2 UK hit Night of Fear. That is, of course, Ace Kefford singing on the bridge. Ace went solo in '68 with the ACE KEFFORD STAND and his soulful, slow-burn version of the Yardbird's For Your Love is worth seeking out. You can hear a snippet of it here.

Also, did you ever stop to think about how many of the Move's songs were about mental illness?


steve simels said...

Fucking amazing band, fucking amazing clip (although I think that's actually from a three song medley that used to be on YouTube in its entirety.

The four lead vocals in front thing is mindboggling -- no wonder they liked Moby Grape so much.

I also loved Kefford's nickname in the music press back then -- the Singing Skull.

TJWood said...

Man, they were good. Everyone should check out the other clips as well. The cool Fender 12-string Roy Wood uses in the "Blackberry Way" and "Fire Brigade" videos alone make them worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Ace Kefford should have been a huge star but sadly he had his own problems with mental illness. I love his bass playing and singing. Check out his vocal in the middle of I Can Hear The Grass Grow ("get a hold of yourself now baby").

Bobby Sutliff