Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Guest ¡El Gato Negro! Blogging

[Please welcome our good amigo ¡El Gato Negro!, who has an important message.]

¡Hola Power-Poppers!

Primero, I must say muchas gracias a la Maria bonita y Estéban Simels for thees opportunity.

Muchas gracias, María y Estéban.

Power-Poppers, yesterday, een the comments section here, I mentioned that I was looking for a certain piece of music to go behind a slide show.

Sr. Simels responded, and after a brief email conversation,the sugestion was made that we should make a contest of eet. Thees seemed to be such a rrreasonable idea that I accepted readily.

So, today, Power-pop, een conjunction weeth ¡El Gato Negro!, breengs to joo a contest wheech may mean rewards for joo, and serious help to a family een need.

Here's the story:

The Joseph family of New Orleans lost their house during the Katrina disaster. Then, weeth the house 80% rebuilt they lost eet again, to a fire, set by a thug een the night.

Weeth their house gone a second time, Sra. Joseph began to lose hope for even maintaining her family, seence she has no shelter, and ees short on dolares,(her insurance company having treated her weeth all the fairness and acumen for wheech they are renowned) to say nothing of the rigors of quotidian existence een the current NOLA environment.

Luckily, some Good Samaritans appeared een the form of a few overworked medical students from Tulane University, who began trying to raise attention to the Joseph family's plight.

Even more luckily, the medical students efforts attracted the notice of the generous and intrepid Scout Prime at, who began to organize blogs and others to assist the Tulane students.

To date, more than two-dozen blogeros have posted on Project Hope in Grace. The online effort has raised ten times the amount of money than was raised before Scout got involved. Por supuesto, more work, more donations, are vital to thees effort.

I myself have posted on the story once or twice, including a brief Q&A weeth a student advocate for Hope in Grace, and I can tell joo weeth confidence that more news and updates are on the way.

Weeth luck, thees weekend I weel have a "Donate Button" that pipples can put on their own blogs to direct aid to Hope In Grace een a more expeditious manner. Oh, and I hope to create a video slideshow thees weekend for Joutube and other outlets.

Here ees where joo come een to the peecture. ( I know, I know, finally, eh?)

I require a piece of music to go behind the slideshow.

Now, I know that thees sounds counter-intuitive, but the piece I require must be somber, yet hopeful. Theenk of a mash-up between Barber's "Adagio for Strings" and Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man". Only maybe a leetle more upbeat.

I want a piece of music that weel not just tug at pipples hearstrings, but instead weel seize them roughly and shake them hard and not let go until those checkbooks and credit cards come out of their wallets, and are put to use.

Entries een the contest can be made through comments here, or by email to me (and to Simels, eef he weeshes). [Yes. E-mail me.]

Eet ees also necessary that joo point us to an mp3 or joutube recording of the song een question, as my music collection, een all certainty, ees less comprehensive than that of the readersheep here.

So, thees ees how joo enter:

1.Go to the website for Hope in Grace, read the story of the Joseph family, and view the photos there. They weel make up the content of the slideshow.

2.Theenk of a fitting piece of music, and find an online recording of eet.

3.Place jour entry een comments here, or by email to me (see bottom of post) make sure we can get ahold of joo to notify joo of the results.

The Contest runs from the moment thees post goes up, and ends 8pm, CST Friday night Oct19th 2007.

Ideally, the video weel be done less than 24 hours later, and the winner weel be notified een posts here and at my blog, and also by email.


The winning entry weel be determined solely by me een a completely biased and confusing manner and my choice and myself weel be subject to massive vituperation on the part of the readersheep here eef I choose incorrectly.

Having the winning entry entitles joo too pick one candidate een the 2008 election, anything from dogcatcher on up through candidates for President, and then...

Whatever candidate the winner chooses, I, ¡El Gato Negro! promise to fundraise for them een the upcoming 2008 election. (No GOP, No DLC, No Ron Paul or Larouche, other than that, ¡Ay! the sky, she ees the limit.)

The Bad News:

There are already two entries een the contest, and they are good ones, too.

First entry: Sam Cooke, "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Second Entry: The Pretenders, "Hymn to Her"

As joo can see, the bar, she ees set pretty high already.*

But I am more than confident that the generous and discerning readers here can rise to the challenge.

So what do joo say?



My email, for entries gatobloggerro "at" yahoo "dot" com

Or go to my blog, and joo weel see a correlative post:

(A word about thees right-of-copy, I know that the Tulane students would weesh to avoid any trouble weeth the RIA(ugh)A, so maybe, eef joo can no find a piece een the public domain, at least pick one that won't breeng the gomberros squealing to their door, hokay?)


Anonymous said...

Well, this is my suggestion, please listen:

The song is called "Letter to NOLA," and if you listen to the whole thing, I think you'll cry. It uses a romantic relationship with "Katrina" as the metaphor...

"so I have to try to begin again,
though I have no place to start.
though I never loved you Katrina,
still, you broke my heart"

(his song "heaven" is also quite lovely).

Anonymous said...

Oops, try this: Find Letter to NOLA

Anonymous said...

Shit, 3 strikes and I'm out, right? "Letter From NOLA

Anonymous said...

Jorma Kaukonen, on his record 'Quah', singing 'I'll Be All Right Someday'.

Available on iTunes; can't find it for free.

Best of luck,

¡El Gato Negro! said...


More, more...


Anonymous said...

I left you a msg at Eschaton to say I had not come up with a tune, but went straight to the donation site and left some pesetas for the Joseph Family. My kitteh, Miss Caffeine, sends purrrrs to you, Senor Gato.

Anonymous said...

Any portions of Dvorak's From the New World (aka the New World Symphony). Classical, yes, but I thought I'd try.

Anonymous said...

My first thought would be hometown queen Irma Thomas - her "It's raining" or "Time is on my Side" would be contenders. This page at least has samples:

shrimplate said...

The first thing I thought of upon reading about this effort was "One Love" by bro' Bob.

TMink said...

How about The River in Reverse by Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint?

Topical, and catchy.


Anonymous said...

Check out "Earth's Answer," a Blake poem set to music by William Bolcom in Songs of Innocence and Experience ... in fact, check out the whole work (it was a Grammy winner, for what that's worth).

Anonymous said...

well, damn, I was also thinking of "A Change is Gonna Come" but the Aaron Neville version.

¡El Gato Negro! said...

Hokay, compañeros, 8pm central standard, the contest ees closed.

I have a good dozen entries here, time to rrrev up the media player and take thees tunes for a test drive.

Gracias a todos para la participación.

Hopefully we weel have a decent video slideshow for joo weetheen about 24 hours.

Weesh me luck.