Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Wayne

For my delightful co-blogger, Kid C.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the greatest video homage to Duran Duran's "Rio" evah. :o)

steve simels said...

I can't get it to play...please tell me the guy in the glasses isn't Drew Carey...

Anonymous said...

'fraid so Steve. Perhaps the worst person to come out of Cleveland besides George Steinbrenner.

Cleveland Bob said...

Trust me, we're all collectively repulsed by Drew here in the Cleve. A formally rabid Bush junta supporter with no talent who demeans my fair city in not so subtle ways. Never a fan.

That said, I'm a big fan of those girls on the boat. I'm also very "pro" pillow fight.

Also, I've always wondered, is Mexican Wine a euphemism for Tequila?

TMink said...

I think Drew adds to the video, but then I could care less about his politics. The video adds to the song I think, which is saying a lot as I love the song.

Some day I would love a nice long thread about what makes a song power pop and what keeps it out of that category. Mexican Wine is gold standard power pop for me. Kinda like the dB's with heavier guitar.


Anonymous said...

Hey Clevo Bob,

Steve's post about John Zacherley and it got me thinking about Ghoulardi. Anyway, found this clip of Big Chuck & Lil' John that cracked me up.

Cleveland Bob said...

Good one KC,

That clip is interesting to me in two ways.

First, I still see Li'l John on the street with some frequency as he still runs Rinaldi Jewelers on E. 9th. He's a very nice man.

Secondly, the mad scientist in the skit is none other than Dick Goddard the senior TV meteorologist for NE Ohio since 1963. He and I happen to share the same last name which causes me to be frequently asked if we're related. We're not related but I often respond to inquiring strangers that I'm his bastard love child.

Upon meeting him once at a fund raising gala I told Mr. Goddard that I do the "bastard love child" bit sometimes with people who ask about my surname.

He looked at me with a withered and detached sense of irony and walked briskly away.

TMink said...

Just to muddy the waters and perhaps stir the pot a bit (in a constructive, thoughful manner I hope) here is Drew himself narrating a medical marijuana piece.

Common ground if you will. Marijuana, it is a uniter, not a divider!!!

hee hee!