Monday, October 01, 2007

Younger Than Yesterday

What do you get when a brilliant Brit pop/rock band led by a musical visionary (the great Roy Wood, in this case) takes a stab at a Greenwich Village folkie standard? Perhaps something like The Move's version of Tom Paxton's "Last Thing on My Mind," rendered here absolutely live on some TV show whose provenance remains unclear.

The clip's from 1969, as is the brilliant Shazam album from whence the song derives. I never got to see these guys on their brief (and only) American tour back then, but in his Rolling Stone review of the album, John Mendelssohn ventured that the Move was one of the two most exciting Brit acts to debut in America that year. The other, of course, was Joe Cocker.


Anonymous said...


OT, but, have you ever seen this book?

Anonymous said...

Do the Brontosaurus!

steve simels said...


I read a review of it in Mojo a few months back. Sounds interesting, but then again everybody knows my co-religionists run the world.

Mister Pleasant said...

I love "Shazam" to pieces. I have a soft spot for Carl Wayne's vocals throughout what was to be his swan song with the group. And Roy's guitar work is always amazing. The videos that have cropped up recently from that period are a treasure.

Joe Cocker? I enjoyed his music at its peak, but nowhere nearly so much as The Move.