Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blogrolling in Our Time

Our good friend Sal Nunziato, doing business over at the forever fabulous blog Burning Wood, has just given us an effusive, and barely deserved shout out.

So If you'd care to download a spectacular powerpop mix of the following songs --
Love Lovely Love - Jonny Polonsky
Since I Found You - Michael Carpenter
Summer Can't Come Too Soon - A.J. Croce
Louise - Swag
Reactionary Girl -Robin Zander
My Before And After - Cotton Mather
Call My Name - Starclub
When Our Vows Break - Tommy Keene & Jules Shear
The Perfect Size - Jon Auer
Kathy Fong Is The Bomb - Tsar
Lysistrata - Utopia
Not Where It's At- Del Amitri

-- I suggest you get over there as soon as possible. Trust me -- it's worth it for the Robin Zander song alone.

And say hello while you're on the site -- it's the polite thing to do!!!!

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The Phantom Creep said...

The Zander thing is great.