Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Album Review Blogging

Courtesy of our good friends at Sundazed Records, here's a just-released new CD I can't recommend highly enough. By Moby Grape, natch, which means it's essential.

The Place and the Time collects pretty much all the outtakes and rarities heretofore scattered around that hard to find early 90s Grape box set and the current expanded versions of the four Columbia Grape studio albums. Plus a couple of new ones, including a revelatory alternate version of their Skip Spence-penned masterpiece "Seeing" -- still the most profoundly moving and terrifying cry for help from a disintegrating personality at the mountains of madness in the history of popular music, if not Western Civilization.

A great record, in short, and God, I love that cover. Younger readers may not believe it, but back in the old Fillmore days, that's what a rock-and-roll band looked like before they started their first song.

In any case, please enjoy "Big," a not particularily representative track (by Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson, the lead guitarist and drummer respectively -- everybody in the band wrote, brilliantly) in that it's a folkie goof. I find it endlessly amusing, however, so humor me.

So tell me how does it feel
When your best friend is all veal...
And you're hungry?

You can download it HERE. As always, if the link has expired by the time you get there, e-mail me blah blah blah.

And if you'd like to hear the rest of the album, get thee over to Amazon and order the damn thing here.


Wendy said...

The cover is gorgeous. Exactly the right shade of purple.

geor3ge said...

Ditto that. What an image!

dave™© said...

Saw Jerry Miller gigging around SF a couple of times about ten years ago - still great!

fmcgrath said...

How true.