Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fun With Downloads: Fab Faux

From 1971, please enjoy a truly astounding cover of John Lennon's exquisite Imagine track "Oh My Love" by The Wackers.

You can download it HERE.

As you'll soon note, the Wackers' cover sounds eerily like how the song might have gone had not history intervened. "Okay, we're doing this as though the Beatles were," Wackers leader Bob Segarini said in 2005. "This is an exercise in fun. How would Lennon have recorded this song if the Beatles hadn't broken up? That was the premise."

I think the band succeeded splendidly, myself. In any case, here's the original for purposes of comparison.

As always, of course, if the file has expired by the time you get to it, just e-mail me blah blah blah.


Wendy said...

Guy on the left in the long coat looks a lot like George.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks Steve, & on that note if you haven’t already seen it you might also be interested in this clip of the song from the “Don’t change the reel in the middle of a take” segment of the Oh My Love sessions. George & John act like they’ve played together before, don’t they? And note the presence of our artistic representative -- did Phil have the eyes of a killer even then? Thanks to his dark specs, we’ll never know. I hope the Yoko haters can refrain, as I think she’s quite lovely & wise on this clip -- but as Simels once explained so well, that’s just my opinion and it’s mine and I have it.

Jafafa Hots said...

Can't download it, the download limit (10 downloads!) has been reached.