Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great Lost Singles of the 80s: An Occasional Series

From the brilliant but sadly out of print 1982 album Shake and Push, please enjoy The Morells, featuring roots rockers extraordinaire Lou Whitney and D. Clinton Thompson, and their fabulously entertaining "Gettin' in Shape."

Basically, this is what you would have gotten if Gary U.S. Bonds had responded to the 80s fitness craze, and just imagine if it had been a hit instead of that Olivia Newton-John "Physical" crap.

Anyway, you can download it HERE. As always, if the authorization has expired before you get to it, e-mail me.

I should also add that Whitney and Thompson have been making equally smart and infectious music for a couple of decades now, mostly as The Skeletons, and if you're really nice to me I'll post some of their other stuff as well down the road. Seriously -- if I was a rich man and I could afford any band in the world to play a birthday party for me, these are the first guys I'd try to hire.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Steve, you are owed so much fine karma from so many no-name people such as myself for all your selfless work on this blog. Please let the gods take note.

steve simels said...

BTW, I would just like to add that if The Skeletons were already booked, I'd try to get NRBQ.

Wendy said...

Not the MC5??? :-)

Anonymous said...

The Skeletons are the ultimate party band, none finer!!!