Monday, June 04, 2012

Logrolling in Our Time (An Occasional Series)

A musician friend, Dave Achelis, writes:

I recently did a little rock video for one of my home demos. You can find it on my website under Music. Let's make it viral so I can finally retire!

Okay, Dave -- here we go!!!

I should add that Dave is playing and singing every one of the parts on that song, as well as serving as engineer on the sessions, a feat that I happen to know involved weeks of work.

I should also add, if you are ever fortunate enough to jam with Dave (as I have been, over the years), that he happens to know all the lyrics to the four minute and thirty-eight second Marty Robbins version of "El Paso," so ask him to sing it. And if that doesn't brighten your day, seek medical attention.


TMink said...

Rock on Dave! Nice way to start my morning. I love that guitar tone on the solo!


FD13NYC said...

Although he may be a nice fellow and all, if that's his house and property, it doesn't look like he needs any cash for this song and video to go viral. Sounds like second rate ZZ Top anyway.

steve simels said...

C'mon people -- let's help this thing go viral. The good karma will come back to you!!!!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Hopefully not sounding quite as sour as FD13NYC, I'll just say it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.
I don't see viral in it's future.

Anonymous said...

"You're the beard in my coffee",Mr. Achelis,nice track and wardrobe !