Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Odds and Sods

Well, yesterday's appearance on the intertube radio show, including the world premiere of a track from the forthcoming Shoes album (thanks, Mary!) was a lot of fun; I'm informed it will be archived by this weekend, so if you missed it -- and consequently feel an aching void in your life -- you'll be able to hear it over at the Lost at Sea website.

I should add that we also played some stuff from the forthcoming CD by my 80s skinny tie band, and I thought I'd share some of the (almost completed) art work, courtesy of a certain shady dame.

I have to admit, I'm totally jazzed by the above, although I should also add that Lost at Sea proprietor Allan Rosenberg has suggested -- and I concur -- that the phrase "Prepared for release in U.S.A. by Manny Kellem" be appended to the bottom of the CD label.


TMink said...

Outstanding! Congratulations to all!!!!


FD13NYC said...

Glad it's finally taking shape Steve. I like the Epic/Yardbirdsy cover idea, good stuff. I'll be waiting for a copy in the mail.

Brooklyn Girl said...

Looks good, if I say so myself ... :-)

JZ said...

If you put "Prepared for release in U.S.A. by Manny Kellem" on there you would also have to use the echo and the fake crowd noise he used on the Anderson Theater record...(wink).

Oh I almost forgot, at least one writers credit would have to be "Chris Ereja" as opposed to "Chris Dreja"...:)

steve simels said...

Well, it would still look good on the bottom of the graphic.

Anonymous said...

Use the Manny Kellem line, Rosenberg had a real good idea with that one.


PS: Lost at Sea every Tuesday 5-7PM at (Who said that?)

Jerry Lee said...

Congrats, Steve! Love the cover art. So... you guys didn't smile because you're serious artistes? :-)