Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Programming Notes From All Over

Hey -- I'm gonna be on the intertube radio thingie again.

The show is Allan Rosenberg's LOST AT SEA, which you can catch on your computer or hand-held device today between 5-7pm at Area24Radio!!!!

But enough of my yakking--here's what our host has to say about it!

Returning for another visit will be Steve Simels music and film critic, author, blogger and musician.

Steve will be featuring music from two upcoming projects, the first new release in many years by The Weasels and first release ever of the classic recordings by 1980's NYC new wave rockers The Floor Models.

We will discuss his very popular blog POWERPOP. He always has some great musical surprises for us. Steve and I will also debate the musical merits of various songs he has posted on the blog in the last few months. "Roots Rocker" vs. "Power Popper", may the best ears prevail!

So join us June 12th, 2012 at 5PM here at Area24Radio.com. If you have any questions for Steve during the live broadcast leave your comments right here and I will convey them to Steve live on the show.

I should also add that I'll be indulging in a little plugola for Mary's upcoming Shoes band bio Boys Don't Lie, and debuting yet another song from the band's forthcoming CD Ignition. So in the immortal words of Edith Prickley on SCTV -- could be a hot one!!!


JZ said...

Hey Steve,

Nice to hear "I Unseen". The Misunderstood were a brilliant group, they deserved better than they got at the time.

steve simels said...

My pleasure. All though for me the high point of the show was "Paging Larry Storch" by the other Weasels.

I'm still laughing my ass over that one...