Thursday, June 07, 2012

My Favorite New York Times Thing Ever

From last Sunday's Times Magazine letters page:

CORRECTION: An article on May 20 about the musician Regina Spektor referred imprecisely to a scale she played on the piano during one of her recording sessions. It was D-sharp major, not D-sharp.

Words fail me.


buzzbabyjesus said...

She was a charming interview on NPR recently. Good songs, too.

TMink said...

Who says the Old Lady does not correct herself?


batguano said...

This has changed the out-of-place chord in my earworm from diminished seventh. What a relief!

steve simels said...

Incidentally, has anybody noticed that she looks like Chelsea Clinton?

steve simels said...

Incidentally, although I am not a fan of Spektor, she did a contribute a very nice cover of the Beatles' posthumous "Real Love," to a charity album.

geor3ge said...

< theory nerd>

D-sharp Major would lead to some pretty awkward enharmonic spellings. I'd call it E flat.

< /theory nerd>