Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be True to Your School


From my old college, please enjoy the sheet music for the C.W. Post Alma Mater, written by boring (but nice guy) academic serialist Stefan Wolpe and super nice guy head of the English department Julian Mates.

In the early 1960s, Dr. Mates collaborated with the celebrated composer Stefan Wolpe, then chairman of the C.W. Post Department of Music, on the campus alma mater, “When Evening Falls.”

“The years pass quickly by/ And steal our youth and hopes/ But even time will die (and beauty fly)/ Ere we forget our Post,” goes the chorus of the song, which is played on the carillon atop Pell Hall every day at 8 a.m. and noon."

“The purpose of our song was not just to be sentimental, but to come up with an idea that made some sense," Dr. Mates said in an interview during the 50th anniversary of the Campus. "The idea that even time can die, but nothing will diminish our recollections of the school, made sense.”

And then, from 1970, please enjoy one of Beach Boy auteur Brian Wilson's most brilliant pocket symphonies (2:13 minutes) -- "This Whole World."

Lyrics and music (plus production and arrangement) by Brian.

Which do you think is a more important piece of 20th century art?



Anonymous said...

What's to discuss? Beach Boys, hands down. "This Whole World" is testament to the staying power of Brian's writing and Carl's wonderful lead vocals. One of my faves from this strong LP.

I know a place where you can go. You've got the ticket. Come on, slip inside. Let my song take you for a ride.

So begins the seduction of Sunflower,

Vickie Rock wet and wild

steve simels said...

Vickie--it's an-joke.


Anonymous said...

As was my comment. But without punctuation.


Vickie Rock

pete said...

Aum Bop Diddie.

Unknown said...

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