Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fun With Mp3s (An Occasional Series): The Godfrey Daniel Experience -- Part II

And here, as promised, the next three tracks from Godfrey Daniel's 1972 masterpiece of rock criticism, Take a Sad Song.

Track 4: "Proud Mary," which they start old, and finish REAL old, thus parodying not just the original song, but the later Ike and Tina Turner version.

Track 5: "Let It Be," which somehow sounds less religious than the original.

Track 6: "Groovin'. Stereophonic sound rears its ugly head at last.

More tomorrow, you're welcome very much, including sublime and surreal versions of songs by The Stones, Led Zep and Joni Mitchell.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the Godfrey Daniel version of Whole Lotta Love will be a bonus track on the new Led Zeppelin II reissue?:)

And what about Stairway To Gilligan for the Zoso LP?

With regard to the tracks presented today. I think it becomes apparent that vocally the boys aren't the strongest.

I suppose that's not the point, but what would it sound like if somebody like the Cadillacs or "fill in blank" did this material?


Vickie Rock

J. Loslo said...

Thank you, thank you. Been looking for these.

Anonymous said...

Where's Bueller?:)

Mia seeks Matthew for another fast day in the Windy City. Your hot red Ferrari is always welcome in her garage. Drive it in and we'll strip it.

Your posting of Godfrey Daniel thing has made me re-listen to the Run C&W stuff. While that band only focused on one genre, it was thoroughly entertaining.

The first time I heard it was at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood. Bernie Leadon, who was jamming with the rock band that night, brought it by. When I heard it playing through the club's sound system I was floored. I had to know who it was.

Anyway, the scope of the Daniel thing is more impressive. But as a novelty, Run C&W is pretty damned entertaining. And well done.

Here's a taste, if you give a shit.


Vickie Rock stoked for Ink N Iron this weekend. Merle Haggard, Wanda Jackson, The Buzzcocks, Detroit Cobras, The Damned, Junior Brown, Bastards Sons of Johnny Cash etc. etc. etc. Queen Mary, she's my friend. Yes, I believe I'll go see her again.