Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Casey Kasem 1932--2014

Via hilarious terrorists satirists culture jammers Negativland, please enjoy the late Casey's finest moment.

"These guys are from England and who gives a shit?"


"A little dog named Snuggles."

Heh and heh again.

The above aural montage derives, of course, from Negativland's eponynmous U2 cd. Which got them sued big time by those Irish assholes. I don't particularly recall if Casey got involved as well.

BTW, you can read more about the whole U2 (the band) versus Negativland law suit by ordering a copy of their (Negativland's) fabulous book Fair Use over HERE. Haven't read it in years, but I recall it as quite a hoot (and thought provoking, obviously).

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Anonymous said...

Casey Kasem was a Los Angeles disc jockey during the mid Sixties when AM was King. He got the housewife time slot from 12 to 3 on 50, 000 watt KRLA. He mostly won his time slot in that market. He knew his audience and he wasn't really a big favorite with the kids.

In post-A Hard Day's Night America, he recorded the sappy "Letter from Elaina". While only bubbling under nationally, Casey saw to it that it got plenty of airplay on KRLA where it reached the top 40.


There would be no Glory Stompers without Casey, and more importantly, no one to give voice to Shaggy. His acting reached its pinnacle on The Two-Headed Transplant.

The stuff Negativland culled from Nick Bougas' Celebrities At Their Worst CD is priceless. Everyone should own those sets.

R.I.P. Casey. Hope your relatives don't throw meat at each other during the funeral.

Vickie Rock