Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chrissie Part Deux

The incomparable Ms. Hynde flirts with Stephen Colbert (who started it) and then does an astoundingly great version of her new single.


I'm sorry -- if you don't get her or the song, you need to have it looked at.

Colbert: "The work is nice but if you don't get an award for it all you have is what you've created."

Best description of why I do this blog I've ever heard, BTW.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the footage. It's nice to see her perform the song with her actual band. I still say that amp looks like a mid 1960's ReverbRocket 2. In the past I think she used a Twin.

I've been a fan of hers and the Pretenders for years. I love Chrissie. Have seen her since they first came to the US in 1980. Even saw Bruce do a guest shot with the original junkie Pretenders in Pasadena. Did I say I love her?

Just wondering, Steve, did you ever get a chance to interview her? What would your questions be if you did? She would be a dream interview.

But all artists have great songs, good songs, middling songs and bad songs. And of course that is subjective to the listener and time. Sometimes middling songs become hits and great ones don't.

The way I feel about this song right now is that it's in the middle. It's not that memorable or distinguished. Especially when stacked up against her other work. So call me crazy.

My daughter, who went to her first Pretenders concert 4 weeks before she was born, isn't that keen on it either. That concert was promoting the Last of the Independents. It was 20 years ago at the House of Blues in Hollywood when O.J. killed his wife and Goldman. It was the Talk of the Town.

Vickie Rock

steve simels said...

Never got to interview her, alas.

My favorite true Chrissie story:

At the height of the Pretender's original stardom she was at some industry function and she was introduced to original MTV veejay Mark Goodman.

She responded thusly:

"How're you doin' man?
It is man, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, although I don't really know who Mark Goodman is. Never was a fan of MTV. I guess he's the guy who is now turning on everybody's Sirius radio for free. Seems like a total douche.

I had a friend who interviewed the original Pretenders and was shocked at their open hard drug use. And he doesn't shock easily. When I asked him how it went he said, "They're a bunch of fuckin' junkies, man."

I've never had any personal experience with Chrissie. But when she did "977" and shattered her tambourine at the Wiltern in the mid 1990's, half of it landed in my lap. I was taping the show from the pit on a Sony D-7 with Schoeps mics and you can hear the tambourine hit my lap. It's now one of my tambourine relics.

Got another tambourine from Eric Burdon when he was with War. That was at the Rose Palace in Pasadena 1970 when he snorted coke during the numerous instrumental passages side-stage but visible to me. Later he climbed on the amps and dropped his pants to his ankles. But he kept his undies on. People say he used to like to do mushrooms before gigs. Maybe that explains it. But he was coherent enough to sign the damn thing after the show. So there's that.

When I saw the Pretenders during the eight month of my pregnancy, Chrissie kinda pissed me off. For whatever reason, she was super late for the sound check. Because of this, the doors to the club did not open on schedule. In fact, I think they opened an hour and a half late.

I got there early as the place is standing room and only had about 18 seats roped off. Standing in that line for two and a half hours was killing my back. Plus I was dying of craving pregnant hunger.

For whatever reason, on this particular night, Chrissie told the management that she would not perform unless they quit serving food and alcohol. I'm sure that made the management very happy since that's how they make their money. It was a tense situation.

The announcement was made over the sound system that the bar was closing 15 minutes before showtime. No food was served. And I was starving. I hadn't eaten all day. You have no idea.

The show was fantastic but the House of Blues, which had just opened in Hollywood, hadn't dialed in their sound yet. It was muddy as hell. As usual I taped. I just bought my Sony D-7 in April of that year and was experimenting with different mics. Still, that's the first indication I got that Chrissie can be quite the prima donna.

Still love her though

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Given the chance I'd flirt with Chrissie also.

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

So would I.

Vickie Rock

Jai Guru Dave said...

So what was Ray Davies thinking??

Did he leave her, or vice-versa?

Anonymous said...

She left him after starting an affair with Jim Kerr.

Ray Davies is impossible to get along with. And I'm pretty sure Chrissie's a handful as well. She figured in Ray's divorce from his second wife circa 1980.

Jeez, suddenly I feel like Rona Barrett.

Vickie Rock