Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Fun With Mp3s (An Occasional Series): The Godfrey Daniel Experience -- Part III

And as promised yesterday, the third installment of "Take a Sad Song," the brilliant 1972 deconstruction of classic rock by the incomparable Godfrey Daniel.

Track 7: An interestingly sleazy period take on "Honky Tonk Women."

Track 8: A doo-wop group steals "Whole Lotta Love" back from cat burglar Jimmy Page.

Track 9: And the masterpiece. My greatest fantasy in life is that Joni Mitchell heard this version of "Woodstock" and -- probably around the time the Musitron solo kicked in -- had to be hospitalized.

Coming tomorrow: the final three tracks, including the concluding bookend version of that Beatles anthem had it been done by the Selfrighteous Brothers.


FD13NYC said...

Now I see what got you on the Musitron kick. Very cool! This album is a one of kind item. They have only one for sale used on Amazon for $79. But if you could shoot me a zip file of it, next dinner is on me (which it is anyway I think). But it would be greatly appreciated. Del Shannon Forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Love the Musitron too! From Del Shannon to Roy Wood soooo goood.

I think the Godfrey Daniel Musitron solo is 2nd only to Runaway. They should have gotten Max Crook to do the honors, it would have been even more amazing. But I'm guessing the budget on the Daniel album was quite small.

A relative of mine from Camarillo worked with Max later in life when he was a firefighter.

Re: Steve's Joni Mitchell fantasy, I rather think Joni would enjoy this version despite the fact that she's a delusional slut with interplanetary scabies.

Not to mention the genital herpes.

I still like "Eastern Rain", though.

Vickie Rock

edward said...

I'm really surprised we've gotten this far an no one has mentioned Big Daddy.
Fer instance:

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Thank you. Can't wait for the final chapter.

Anonymous said...

Re: Big Daddy and beyond those confines.

A lot of interesting stuff happens under the radar in Culver City.

Haven't heard Big Daddy's name in years. But Chantmania was unforgivable.

Vickie Rock hoping to catch the Bangles this Friday

buzzbabyjesus said...

The whole time I've been comparing this to Big Daddy, and also Roy Wood's "Introducing Eddie And The Falcons". Fun stuff, good enough to enjoy beyond the novelty.

Anonymous said...

The Roy Wood stuff is on another level entirely, in my opinion. Absolutely brilliant.

He wasn't just rearranging the covers, he was putting new silk sheets on that comfy musical mattress. He made that bed of aural joy and I gleefully slid right in to rock.

Warming the syrup for the pancakes,

Vickie Rock