Wednesday, September 12, 2018

As John Lennon Said in A HARD DAYS NIGHT: Queen -- It's an In-Joke

Well, this looks interesting.

I should add that I am not now and have never been a Queen fan. The reasons why are probably a subject for another longer and more thoughtful post, but I will note that I saw them in a small venue when they were touring their debut album and they were appallingly awful.

That said, if the movie is as good as the trailer, which I suspect it is, I might actually change my mind.


Anonymous said...

Can we get back to Goffin/King now? Hah!

Actually I also saw the trailer and it looked pretty good. For me Queen was one of those many acts that had two very good songs per album and the rest just didn't reach me.

Captain Al

Mark said...

What is it with old farts, myself included, who never got into Queen? I recall listening to the band's first album in 1973 while at my college's closed-circuit radio station and thinking, "second-rate Zeppelin cop" and "I knew this sort of thing would happen."

Yet by 1978 I was showing first-offender teens in a Fairfield, Connecticut Great Society Jobs Program how to produce radio news reports by cutting Queens's Bicycle Race into a news story about a rise in bicycle thefts. Queen caught the teens' ears. News less so.

So even I had to admit there were a lot of great ideas and music among Queen's albums, though I could live without all of the bombast, and that to me sums up Queen. Too much of too much.

MJConroy said...

I bought the Queen boxset cheap, but I rarely listen to any of it. Never quite did it for me either.

Dave said...

Me five. I bought the single of "Killer Queen" but never liked any of their albums enough to purchase one.

Dave F.

edward said...

Yup, put me in as a now old fart who could never and still can't stand Queen.
The trailer, btw, makes it look like a torturous two hour music video. Zero desire to see the final product.

John said...

I'll always like and respect Queen. After all. they were somewhat of an influence on Jellyfish.