Friday, September 21, 2018

Sometimes Life is Good

Why, you ask?

Because I just scored tickets to see Procol Harum at a New York City club (the show is in February).

Procol has been one of my favorite bands since forever; they were the first band I wrote about for money (at the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review in 1972), and a revised version of that piece was the first thing I ever posted at this here blog back in 2007.

I've seen them a bunch of times over the years, but never in an intimate setting, so this is a real bucket list thing. And yes, I'm aware that only lead singer Gary Brooker is an original member, and no I don't care that it really isn't Procol Harum; hearing Brooker sing those songs in a small room is something I never thought I'd live to experience, and I have no doubt they'll sound terrific. So there.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Billy B said...

Bringing home the bacon
Tender juicy steaks
Breast-fed baby dumpling
Gobbling up the cakes

Anonymous said...

This current version of the band is quite good as is the new album.

Enjoy the show.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

You are responsible for my enduring Procol obsessions dating back to those articles you reference.

Love them to this day and plan to see them on this tour in Boston. Enjoy.

And let's all agree that BJ Wilson was rock's greatest unsung drummer.