Friday, September 14, 2018

How Do You Say Rock Star in French?

From 2018, and his album Stupefaction, please enjoy the pride of Biarritz, the incomparable Tommy Lorente, and his infernally infectious "Arthur."

Damn this kid is good -- not only is that a brilliant slice of the music that provides the mission statement of this here blog, but he's doing it with the handicap of having to sing in French, which I heretofore had thought impossible.

You can find out more about Tommy -- who has a new album ready to drop momentarily -- and purchase his other stuff over at his website HERE.

Hey -- what are you waiting for? Go buy something! And when you do, tell him PowerPop sent you!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


MJConroy said...

Sounds good. A bit like the Knack.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I think I might like "Le rêve américain" off the same album even better:


Peter Greenwitch said...

@Steve: You're right!

@MJConroy: Tommy Lorente sure does love The Knack!

@Glenn: Tommy recently recorded a live cover of the song "Le Rêve Américain (The American Dream)" with is band


buzzbabyjesus said...

I dunno, I'm starting to think Rock is truly dead. I can't get past the '90's drum sound. It sounds like the musical equivalent of Latin.

Anonymous said...

Like german, french is just not a great language to rock out with.

Captain Al