Thursday, September 27, 2018

When We Paint Our Masterpiece

Please enjoy "Getting Back Into My Life." The lead-off track from the forthcoming Floor Models album, written by power pop legend Marc Jonson, who also contributes the stunning background vocals. That's some asshole whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels on bass and sampled strings, BTW.

Marc says he wrote the song for us, which is quite a compliment; we used to play it live back in the day, and it was an unbelievable thrill to finally record it this year, especially given how unexpectedly gorgeous it turned out. In any event -- thanks, pal.

As for the album, we're in the process of recording one more tune -- one of our own originals -- and we hope to have the album ready for release by the end of the year, although these things always take longer than you plan. I'll keep you posted.


Blue Ash Fan said...

Can you say "Earworm?"

Anonymous said...

I feel played! I thought you had given "Lost at Sea" an exclusive world premiere first play!!!!

If The Beatles had done the same thing to Murray The "K" there would have been hell to pay.

A disgruntled Captain Al

PS: It sounds almost as good here on the blog as it did on the inter tubes.

Rick said...

Tried clicking on the song with 3 different browsers and nothing happens. How do you play it?