Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Other Than That, Ms. Ono, How Did You Enjoy the Recording Session?

Two ex-Beatles working on a song about a third one.

An interesting historical curio, to be sure, but I was alarmed to learn that it was released in anticipation of a 6 disc (CD or vinyl) box set devoted to Lennon's Imagine album, which is coming out the first week in October. I'm not particularly a fan of that record, but even if I were, that box set sounds like way too much of a good thing for my taste.

In any case, you can learn more about it over HERE.


Gummo said...

I like the album -- out of all of Lennon's solo albums, it's probably the one I'm most likely to actually listen to.

Still, 20 or so years ago, Vigotone released a 3-disk Imagine set and that was more than enough; in fact the only really interesting thing on it was the entire album in alternate takes without the strings -- not necessarily better but interesting.

That said, a chance to watch George Harrison play guitar close up is always welcome. Nicky Hopkins does his usual professional job. But really, all I kept thinking watching that was, poor Klaus Voormann looks bored to tears. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

FD13NYC said...

It's my favorite solo by Lennon. But 6 discs id a bit much.

big bad wolf said...

six discs without the title cut would intrigue me.

buzzbabyjesus said...

It's no accident John was played by Ron Nasty in the Rutles.

I like "Plastic Ono Band", and most of the songs that aren't the title cut or "Oh Yoko" on "Imagine".