Friday, June 05, 2020

It's New Music By Veteran Artists Week (The Sequel to the Epilogue): Special "Losing My Balance" Edition

From just the other day, please enjoy the quite terrific Tommy Roe and his obviously relevant remake of his 1969 classic "Dizzy."

Pretty funny obviously, and if I do say so, the modulations in that are one of the coolest gimmicks in the history of both rock AND roll. Roe is actually a way underrated figure; he was one of those guys who really wanted to be Buddy Holly and didn't do a bad job at becoming him.

In any case -- next week, nothing but new music.

And have a great weekend, everybody!!


Anonymous said...

He had "Sheila" too, didn't he?

MarginAlt said...

umm i think that this is pretty lame imo. maybe should retitle it 'Cheesy'
loved the original song though it sounded awesome on my transistor radio
out on the back porch back in the day.

Mark said...

Your "trying to be Buddy Holly" line about Roe is right on the money. When I first heard Sheila as an eleven year-old in 1962, I got the same feeling I got when I heard I Fought The Law two years later. Riveting.

How he got from there to Sweet Pea and Hooray For Hazel I'll never know.

Alzo said...

"Cringy," (admittedly, a faddish word), is more like it. "Tongue-in-cheek" is about all that saves it. The original was magnificent thanks to Hal Blaine's drumming and the string arrangement. Ol' Tommy sounds frequently flat and out of breath here, even with the torpid tempo. Can Fabian be next?