Monday, June 01, 2020

It's New Music By Veteran Artists Week (The Epilogue): Special "Dress Warmly" Edition

From their about to be released reunion double-disc live album Last Call (Live at the Music Box), please enjoy pride of Cleveland The Choir and their quite lovely and sort of Procol Harum-ish reworking of their 1966 power pop/garage rock regional hit "It's Cold Outside."

Three of the Choir boys (okay, I'm sorry) achieved greater fame as original members of The Raspberries (with Eric Carmen), although only drummer Jim Bonfanti is in the incarnation documented on Last Call. I should add that the Procol Harum reference is not gratuitous; there are a lot of covers on the record, and five -- count 'em, five -- are by Procol (along with songs by The Easybeats(!), Bob Seger, and The Kinks, among others).

In any case, a very nice coda to an interesting career; you can -- and should -- order it over at Amazon HERE.


MJConroy said...

Interesting release. Besides the covers, it features a lot of songs from "Artifact: The Unreleased Album" the Omnivore released in 2018.
The new cd shows big influence from Ken Margolis,keyboards. (Not the same Ken Margolis who once played with the Smithereens.)
May have to pick this up to keep my Choir collection complete! (I even have the "Good Times" 45)Otherwise they might not let me visit my hometown of Cleveland!

steve simels said...

It's basically a really good live set from a really good bar band.

I wish I'd seen the show at which it was recorded.

steve simels said...

BTW -- if you want a copy, e-mail me your home addy and I'll send it to you.

mam said...

It was a really good show. The band was incredibly tight. Powerful mix too!