Thursday, June 04, 2020

Your Thursday Moment of I Can't Come Up With an Adequate Title

From their 1991 reunion album The Prodigal Stranger, please enjoy Procol Harum and the incredibly great lead-off track "The Truth Won't Fade Away."

I hadn't thought about that song since forever, but it popped into my head unbidden this morning, probably for two reasons. Number one, it came out in roughly the same time period as that Del Shannon album I referenced yesterday -- apparently, 1991 was a really good year for rock-and-roll, and I need to research that.

And also because the lyrics...

We were young, we were brave, we were true, we were strong
Far away the bombs and the buildings exploding
There was no way out
It was black, it was white, we had so much to say
Right or wrong... The truth won't fade away

We had our hopes, we had our dreams, we were young, we were old
We saw our future self-destructing: there were roles that we played
Some were good, some were bad: there was so much to say
Right or wrong... The truth won't fade away

...seem eerily prescient given the completely disgusting lies coming from (what a friend referred to as) the Trump Batshit House.

Okay, I know the title of this blog isn't PISSED OFF LEFTY; regular music posting -- a thoroughly cool new song, BTW -- goes up tomorrow.

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