Monday, September 07, 2020

Add Some Music to Your (Labor) Day

From a just about to be released album by the wonderfully monikered (courtesy of Jack White) young Florida band The Supplements, please enjoy their spectacular new single "On Your Own."

A little back story, courtesy of the band.
If Queens of the Stone Age and Interpol got into a bar fight, the cacophony they'd create might resemble the music of The Supplements. The South Florida based independent rock band are releasing their new song, "On Your Own," on Friday, September 4th, 2020. This is their debut as a full band and their first studio single.

The Supplements are an alt-rock outfit springing up from the South Florida DIY scene. Shortly after playing their first show in February of 2020, the band met their first major disappointment when the world was shut down. Their plans for organic growth in the local scene were dashed as venues closed, but unwilling to waste any more time they hopped into the studio.

"On Your Own," a riff-based rock track with a slightly dark edge, builds on its main theme before a whiplash-inducing solo transitions the song to a bass-lead section with sunny, interlocking chords for the outro. Fans of local indie music or the post-punk revival of the early'Aughts will love this track.

Okay, this isn't going to shock anybody who's read this here blog before, but I'm not particularly a fan of either Queens of the Stone Age OR Interpol. That said, this song is the real deal. Also, the video is fabulously filmed, and its implied social distancing theme strikes me as a particularly appropriate visual metaphor for our current trying times.

I should add that I also have enormous respect for any young artists who are finding the courage and the pluck to continue to ply their trade despite the enormous obstacles the aforementioned trying times are throwing up in front of them.

Bottom line, however, is that "On Your Own" is just a kick-ass piece of rock-and-roll, and the video is killer.

You can find links to stream or download the Supplements over HERE; I'll keep you posted when the album itself is available.


MJConroy said...

Yep- kick-ass! They had me at "bass-lead".
Looking forward to more from them.

Remonster said...

THIS is why you Rawk Steve, you have the best ear for the old and the new. You're timeless DooD!