Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

And as we promised over at Friday's Listomania, here's the incomparable Big Daddy (from their 1988 debut album) doing a familiar John Williams movie theme as it might have been recorded in a collaboration between The Ventures and Duane Eddy.

This has absolutely no relevance to the holiday whatsoever, you understand -- I've just always gotten a kick out of the track and felt like sharing.

BTW, I just discovered that the rest of the album (which is equally inventive) can be downloaded (gratis!) over here.


cthulhu said...

Quick correction, Steve - the first Big Daddy album was released in 1983, not 1988. I just found a site ( that has a full discography; check it out.

Somewhere in there, the same team jumped on the Gregorian chant bandwagon and released the also-hilarious "Chantmania", credited to the Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica; not as funny as the Big Daddy discs but worth picking up if you find it in a discount bin or online.

steve simels said...


You are indeed correct, and I regret the error.

I actually have Chantmania somewhere...

Maybe I'll put up their version of the Monkees theme tomorrow...

Unknown said...

Speaking of musical pastiches, there's an individual in Australia by the name of "Frank Bennett" who does swing versions of modern rock songs. Frank's a swingin' hip dude, man. He's released two albums so far: Five O'Clock Shadow (1996); and Cash Landing (1998), which has a fiscal theme (every song is about money). Cash Landing is available on or here. (You may prefer the second link...)

According to Wikipedia, there's an artist in your neck of the woods called Richard Cheese who is aparently the American equivalent of Frank Bennett. I haven't heard Mr Cheese, but if he's half as entertaining as Frank, then it's martinis for everyone. Cheers!