Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Listomania (Special Somebody Help Me Edition)

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means.

Actually, in this case, it means I'm going to punt for the first time in over two years. Due to a combination of poor scheduling, work load and simple burnout, I just couldn't get a real Listomania together this week.

But I thought this might actually work to our mutual advantage.

So since posting by moi will be a little slow for a few days, here's a possibly interesting project for us all:

Weekend Listomania Theme YOU'D Most Like to See!!!

No arbitrary rules, obviously. Let your imagine run riot. Go mental if you want to.

Really -- I need all the help I can get.

Alrighty then -- what would your ideas be?

[Shameless Blogwhore: Okay guys, I realize I don't deserve your help this week, but my parallel Cinema Listomania -- theme: most memorable performance by a charactor actor -- is nonetheless now up over at Box Office. And if you could just see your way to go over there -- at your leisure, of course -- and leave some kind of snark I'd be your best friend. Bless you.]


steve simels said...

Hey -- I told you it was going to be a letdown.

Wendy said...

Okay, I'll start.

Songs that make you think of other songs, as if they're inextricably linked. WXRP played "Incident on 57th Street" the other morning and didn't follow it with "Rosalita" ... so of course, guess which song was playing in my head all day?

cthulhu said...

Best post-Elvis rock instrumentals?

Best use of synthesizers in rock / pop music?

Best post-Elvis songs about automobiles?

Best post-Beatles song of at least 7 minutes in duration (excluding long silent sections meant to fool us into thinking the song is over)?

Best / worst "single versions"?

Most memorable post-Beatles cover version (maybe you already did this one...)?

Best use of profanity in a non-novelty song?

"Best" song you first heard on Dr. Demento's show?

Post-Beatles "officially released" live track (no bootlegs) that destroys the in-the-studio version?

Post-Elvis title or lyric reference to a fruit or vegetable?

Gwen De Marco said...

Best songs that mention hair?

Alex said...

Best songs by bands whose lead singers are still in their teens?

Worst live versions of songs that go on for so long with pointless solos that you literally forget what song it is?

John Steed said...

Jesus, I had the album this single was on.

And hearing Steve Winwood at such a tender age made me think: songs by teenagers who went on to be huge?

John Steed said...

Well, I see Alex beat me to it! :-)

Mister Pleasant said...

cthulu has some great choices.

In honor of the Beatles box set releases, how about a Listomania for which songs might have appeared on the next Beatles album if they had stuck it out another year or so? Turns out lots of folks have been thinking along those lines:

The Greatest Album Never Made?
Hot As Sun
The Last Beatles Album
Imaginary Next Beatles Album

Rol said...

I just did a list of Top Ten Songs With Six in the title... and struggled to fill out then ten as much as I have with previous numbers. I'd love it if you helped ME. ;-)

steve simels said...

Wow. Lots of good ones -- No-Prizes to everybody!!!

More, please....

If possible.

geor3ge said...

Well, since I've been on a Dickens kick: songs about food and beverage, or the lack thereof.

Feral said...

Since I was over at the Crack Den this Friday morning it made me wonder if Cats and Dogs have been done.
Foreign countries
Chuck Berry covers/ripoffs

Anonymous said...

Covers of songs that were far superior to the original (or other covers for that matter)
e.g. Johnny Cash's version of I'm On Fire or Richard Thompson's version of Season Of The Witch

Best opening acts you've seen

Best songs that didn't become hits

Even if you've done something similar in the past I'm sure there are some folks who are new to your blog or missed that particular Listomania that would probably enjoy participating this time around

Wendy said...

Supergroups you loved, hated, or wish had actually existed. Led Zeppelin with Terry Reid, for example.

Or, in the spirit of fantasy football (and this topic), total fantasy groups ... people who might have made interesting music if they had teamed up.

Or bands that either did sound completely different (or would have) with one member changed.

And my word is acciduct.

Anonymous said...

Best album that has never been reissued.

Best use of a flute in a song. (recalling Forced Exposure's edict that no good song can result if a flute is included in the mix)

Best song by a "fake" band, e.g. Josie and the Pussycats (but not the Monkees).

ms. rosa said...

YAY! Songs that reference popular culture icons or Songs that mention historical events or Songs featuring rebels or loners.

TJWood said...

True Guilty Pleasures--that is, artists, songs, or albums that you like that you know you shouldn't, that get little or any critical acclaim, but have a place in your heart. I realize you did do one recently on favorite artists you get a lot of snark for liking, but that's not quite the same thing.

This same suggestion in reverse--artists, songs or albums that every critic and/or acquaintance totally rave about, but somehow do nothing for you, could work as well.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE both of your suggestions particularily the reverse

Anonymous said...

45's that had better B sides then A sides.

Album tracks that should have been singles.

If the Yardbirds had not broken up who would have been the next lead guitarist after Jimmy Page left?


MJConroy said...

Songs that had TOO MUCH Cowbell
Songs with False Endings
Songs that are blatant ripoffs of other songs
Songs that were hits after the group disbanded
Songs by bands outside the US and UK and Australia that you did not know were foreign
Songs that name check multiple cities
Songs about defunct makes of cars
Songs about other singers
Songs about death where you wished the singer had died instead
Songs about girls by creepy older guys
Songs with telephone #s
Songs with street addresses
Songs with geographical errors
Songs that introduced new words into the American voacabulary
Songs that became hits long after they were recorded
Songs that became hits fresh from the studio oven
Songs that mention obsolete devices or technology

Libby Spencer said...

Songs about body parts (head, hands, feet eyes, etc).

Songs you can't help singing out loud with.

Songs that you hated but heard so often on the radio that you know the entire lyrics anyway.

Songs that make you get up and dance.

word verify:trumpo

Anonymous said...

Songs you know you should hate but love.


Anonymous said...

Best Post-Elvis Song With a Solo On an Instrument Other Than Guitar

Michael said...

Wait a minute--where can this Richard Thompson cover of Season of the Witch be found?

Michael said...

Never mind. Apparently it's on the Crossing Jordan soundtrack (anywhere else?).

I love the song, more because of the cover that one of my own crappy bands did than because of the Donovan version...

Anonymous said...

OK 1 More

Seeing Dave Matthews on Public Television last evening reminded me of a listomania I've kind of been waiting for:

Can someone please explain what the hell the fuss about this band or individual is all about

Possibly The George Costanza It's Not You It's Me Edition

steve simels said...

Okay -- I'm using one of these next week.

Not saying which, obviously.

But that person gets a coveted PowerPop No-Prize.


David said...

So many good ideas, but here's one more:
Best post-Elvis non-Jethro Tull song with a flute solo. And the answer is: "California Dreaming"

David Rasmussen said...

As I am actually enjoying a Blue Cola commercial featuring a Bob Dylan cover, how about, "songs that should show up in television commercial.

Alternatively, songs too sacred to ever show up in a television commercial.