Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"One of the Best Videos of All Time"

Or so sayeth Kanye West at the VMAs the other day.

I really hope Kanye was kidding, BTW. It's an appallingly terrible song on all sorts of levels, and the clip has all the sophisticated sensuality of an old 80s aerobics tape.


Unknown said...

I think the whole thing was put up. Beyonce, TS, Kanye, Leno, the View, everybody was in on it. Pure corporate bullshit.

Did you read Klosterman's hilarious Beatles piece?

steve simels said...

I think it was a put-up job too, for what it's worth.

I read the Klosterman piece last week, and as I said to my pal J McPartlin, I found it a little strained. It's funny by Klosterman's annoying standard, I guess, but if I want Beatles revisionism with laffs I'll stick to Mark Shipper's "Paperback Writer."

Maybe I was just cranky when I read it, though.

mister muleboy said...

Steve -- I have very fond memories of old '80s aerobics tapes, and I don't want to have those memories sullied by unwarranted comparisons to this manure.


steves said...

What a piece of dogs#@$!

It was either a put up job or a desperate cry for attention by West. Either way, that guy needs to get a grip.

steve simels said...

To be fair, the song is NOT worse than that Rihanna "Umbrella" piece ' o crap.

steve simels said...

On the other hand, Irving Berlin famously said "You should never be ashamed to have written a song that sold a million copies."

Noam Sane said...

This is one of the GREATEST POSTS OF ALL TIME!

Anonymous said...

Like any of the music by any of those clowns is any good.


The word verification is a true classic:cocynop!

Say that 3 time fast.

Wendy said...

Turn the sound off and it's even more ridiculous.