Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers 1936 - 2009

Here she is with PP&M, in what I've always thought their best moment, at least on record.

And in related news: CNN reports that Kanye West just interrupted the Patrick Swayze funeral, claiming Michael Jackson had a better death.


Nigel Tufnel said...

R.I.P., Mary.

That clip is a classic from the very last episode of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in spring 1969. CBS had already planned to cancel the show for its left-wing, anti-administration slant, but they hadn't told the Smothers yet. So Tom and Dick put together a kick-ass folk/protest music show as their last hurrah, thought they didn't know it would be that quite yet.

Jennifer Warnes (then known as Jennifer Warren) appeared often on the Smothers show, and she later said that meeting Mary Travers (one of her idols) was the highlight of her experience there. She said Travers introduced herself as a "libertine" and winked, and Jennifer had to run look the word up.

steve simels said...

The studio version of this is vastly better; it's the closest thing to a good rock record they ever got.

Paul Butterfield is on it, and the rhythm section cooks.

steves said...

Farewell, Mary. You were a most graceful presence even though you were flanked by a couple of dorks.

And who's this Marion they keep singing about?

ETA: Nice confirmation word: systrom

Anonymous said...

The single of "Too Much of Nothing" is my favorite song by them. Mary will be missed. I know my wife will be upset when she gets home from work and hears the news. Huge PP&M fan to this day.


Unknown said...

Thanks a whole heap, Steve, for showing that particular clip. Growing up in Australia, I heard next to no Peter, Paul and Mary ("Puff The Magic Dragon" on the radio and "Blowin' In The Wind" on TV - and that's it), but after watching that clip, I'm eager to hear much more. What singing! What harmonies! I couldn't believe the balance between the voices, and how they managed the loudness of each voice so that they were all at equal volume except for the times when a little soloing was called for. It was amazing. And what was even more amazing is that it seemed completely effortless (and I loved Paul's groovy movements with his guitar). I'd sum it all up in one word: Heavenly.

It ain't power pop, but it's well worth hearing. Thanks again, Steve.

Now to listen to a lot more Peter, Paul and Mary...