Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Girls! Girls! Girls! (An Occasional Week Long Series): Part II -- Tales of the X Chromosome

From 1965, and somewhere in the wilds of West Germany, please enjoy the perhaps unfortunately yclept The Liverbirds...

...and their then current single "Why Do You Hang Around Me?"

These gals were obviously Brits who, like The Beatles before them, found gainful employment in the land of the ignoble Hun. The difference is they stayed there a lot longer than the Fabs, and never conquered the world.

In any case, they weren't to our knowledge the first all-ladyparts rock band to get a record deal, but they were obviously one of the better ones of the mid-60s. Actually, their studio stuff is pretty much mediocre to average garage rock, but on the basis of this clip (and some other ones on YouTube) they were a pretty good live act. Certainly at least as good as a lot of all-guy second tier Brit bands of the period.

You read more about them -- it's an interesting story, IMHO -- over here.

[h/t Marcellina]


FD13NYC said...

Actually, pretty good. Girls with Gretschs, yay!

edward said...

This is what Nico would sound like fronting an all girl band;>

Anonymous said...

The guitars are not plugged in, so my guess is pre-recorded instruments with live vocals.

Allan R.