Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Girls! Girls! Girls! (An Occasional Week Long Series): Part III -- Special She Went Breakin' My Heart Edition

From 1966, and the apparently otherwise undistinguished British B-flick Dateline Diamonds, please enjoy the incomparable Kiki Dee...

...before anybody in the colonies had ever heard of her.

The Small Faces come on at the end ; Kiki, looking incredibly mod and adorable, can be seen performing (beginning at approximately the 3:50 mark) and wow.

She's great, is what I mean. Like Dusty Springfield great.

Now that I think of it -- there must have been something in the water back then; how else do you explain all those great Brit white-girl R&B singers?


Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Her Fontana stuff, which includes this track, is truly excellent and matches anything Dusty, Lulu and Sandie did around this time. Of course Dusty had left them all in the, eh, dust a couple of years later but that's another story altogether.
It's a pity Kiki is mainly known for a certain duet with a certain talentless twat.
She recorded for Motown after her Fontana tenure was up, but they didn't seem to know what to do with a white girl who sang like a bird (Chris Clark suffered similar fate), so none of that stuff is up to the standard of her earlier output.
Great post!

Billy B said...

I always thought "I Got the Music in Me" sounded like The Small Faces or Humble Pie. Kiki actually looks a lot like Stevie Marriott back in 75. Too cool.

Billy B. said...

Kiki actually looks a lot like Stevie Marriott back in 75.

Correction. 1965.

Visorman said...

Thanks for sharing. Never realized what a long and varied career she has.

Anonymous said...

Has a little touch of Dionne Warwick in her voice.

Anonymous said...

Kiki Dee 'Si, Liverbirds 'No.

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe The Small Faces ever toured the USA as stated in the film.

This is very early footage, Jimmy Winston is still in the band.

Allan R.

Brooklyn Girl said...

Along with her voice, I always loved her look. If I were a kid today, I'd dress completely Mod. Screw this hipster shit.