Monday, April 28, 2014

Unsolicited Song of the Week: Special No One Gets Out of This World Alive Edition

From fabulous Baltimore MD, please enjoy awesome power pop quartet Soft Peaks....

...and the hilarious and melodically infectious "Good Luck," which coincidentally is the opening track of their just released eponymous EP.

God this is great -- corrosively sane cynicism (lyrically) and the groove from "Sweet Jane." It's like the song was designed with my mind in mind. And the rest of the tracks are just as good, BTW.

You can listen to (and download -- which you definitely should) the EP in its entirety over HERE.

Seriously -- if I was forty years younger, I'd be on a bus to Maryland right now, and trying to figure out a way to weasel myself into this band. Higher praise than that, I can not give.


The Phantom Creep said...

"Your charm opens arms"

I may have to steal that one.

John Fowler said...

ooh, that is good. I'm off to bandcamp, thx Steve!

Anonymous said...

Here is some other great songs by swedish band Vice Versa: