Monday, April 21, 2014


Courtesy of our good friend Bruce Brodeen, the former proprietor of Not Lame Records, and now the head honcho of the cool website POP GEEK HEAVEN, a fabulous Floor Models track -- "You'll Come Around" (from the equally fabulous Floor Your Love album) -- has made an appearance on the quite splendid new sampler Power Pop Planet Volume Three.

Billed, as you can see (and aptly) as "29 Bands -- 29 Smiles."

Here's the inside art track listing (click on the image to expand it to full size).

This is a limited edition release, so I'm not gonna post any songs from it, but you can -- and definitely should -- order a copy over HERE. When the thing sells out, it's gone forever, so what are you waiting for, you cheap bastids?

And I should add that the fact we're on an album with the truly fantastic Myrcle Brah (the mp3 below is a different track than the one on PPPIII)..

...has made me around the moon happy. Jeebus, those guys are good.

As are, I hasten to assure you, all the other bands and solo artists on the album. Seriously, there's not a dud track on the collection, and I'm not saying that just because I'm prejudiced.

Anyway, remember -- every time somebody orders a copy, an angel gets its wings.

Thank you.


Blue Ash Fan said...

Way ahead of ya, Steve. Got mine weeks ago.

Shriner said...

As did I!

I love what Bruce is doing and hope it's bringing him joy and doesn't feel like "work"...

Unknown said...

Bruce here - Shriner, yes...this stuff with Pop Geek Heaven IS fun. It's not a job anymore getting the (very) good word out on this power pop stuff as it was from 1994-2010.

Though, it was pure joy for most of those (Not Lame) years.

The Myracle Brah track on the sampler is totally unreleased and Andy was gracious 'n kind to want to share that with the PGH community.

The Myracle Brah tracked Steve posted - "I'd Rather Be", to me, the most perfect encapsulation of "POWER Pop" in the last 20 years. Since its release, it's still my all-time favorite Andy Bopp track - one I will never tire from hearing 190+ more times beyond the times I've already played it. ;-P

Blue Ash Fan said...


Nice to hear from you. You may be able to figure out who I am from my nickname here. (You burned me a copy of the Blue Ash "Around Again" comp before it was released.) Still miss that ridiculously wonderful little label of yours. All the best with PGH.