Thursday, August 14, 2014

Slacker Thursday

My new favorite thing.

Coming tomorrow: The triumphant return of Weekend Listomania's Greatest Hits!


Brooklyn Girl said...

Cracks me up, too. I bet there are a lot of people who don't know who this Nancy is ---

Anonymous said...

First Sluggo and then Sid! She obviously liked hanging with nodders. Ritz Vicious. A name to toss around.

I think Nancy still runs as a strip.

And then there's this:

I sold this bootleg to an Italian Collector in 2007 for $1,000 dollars. Supposedly dead rare. Purple vinyl. At the same time sold him another 2-LP Stones boot [a deluxe covered TMOQ Gimme Shelter] for $2,000 bucks due to its rare grey white swirl vinyl.

The guy even took me to dinner at Fleming's, but all he wanted to talk about was bootleg colored vinyl and all the permutations of each release. And after that, he expected me to get friendly with him?? No way! I took his money, his dinner and sent "Pizza Boy" packing.

Honestly, the guy's name was Marchello. He played a pretty mean guitar too. While making our record deal, I insincerely flirted and titillated. Though it was all in fun, I really got under his skin when I called him "Pizza Boy." Therefore I kept doing it.

It's fun getting a two-way rise out of a guy. His buttons were easily pushed. He was erect and flustered. Right where I wanted him.

He also had no poker face. You should have seen his eyes glaze over when he saw those two items of mine. Just looking at him, I knew I could name my price. He was too easy. It was the three C's: cleavage, colored vinyl and cash.

Vickie Rock - Una bella fica per pochi eletti

P.S. excuse the poor Italian and any, and all, unintentional double entendre:-)

pete said...

Sluggo could clean Sid's clock.

Dave said...

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, cooler than Nancy. Sid should be honored to be hanging next to her.

Anonymous said...

Little Lulu is my dream girl!

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

My cat-lap dreamgirls are Phoebe Zeit-Geist, Valentina Roselli, and Vampirella. I'd definitely corrupt Betty and Veronica, too..... and .... Lois Lane.

Vickie Rock - Just in from Three Days In May - Imelda, that is. The stars were out tonight while the meteors showered.

P.S. No love for Lauren "Just put your lips together and blow" Bacall?