Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Wednesday Moment of Words Fail Me

From 2014 and her most recent album, please enjoy in breathless wonder farm-girl turned punkette prodigy Lydia Loveless -- or, as I like to think of her, the Anti-Taylor Swift -- and the best damn version of Kirsty MacColl's sublime "They Don't Know" ever.

To my considerable embarrassment, I was unaware of Ms. Loveless until last night's appearance on my pal Allan's internet radio show (which was a lot of fun, BTW -- I'll post a link to it as soon as it's archived, which should be by Monday). In any case, when Al played the above it blew my tiny mind -- let's just say that this gal is the genuine article.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, that's a hard song to mess up.

steve simels said...

Yes it is. But still -- this is killer.

Squints said...

You won't be disappointed with the rest of her oeuvre to date (2 CDs), either. She's like a whiskeyed-up Loretta Lynn (and I mean that in its absolute best sense) in front of the band from Willie Nile's first record.

Anonymous said...

Saw her at the Satellite earlier this year. I liked her more going into the show than afterwards. She had a great band and well above average songs, but something was lacking. Based on the show that I saw, she needs to loosen up a lot more as a performer. I also didn't feel she was giving it all she's truly capable of. The songs are highly emotive and deserve more passion than she delivers. As much as I wanted to like her, the performance that night left me kinda cold. And it wasn't the band's fault.

She should also watch her caloric intake or change her exercise habits. Lydia's put on a lot of weight since the first time I saw her. As superficial as it seems, this is show-biz after all. At her age, she shouldn't be that heavy.

That said, the version of the MacColl classic is a gem with a nice power pop arrangement, even if it smells too much of the studio.

Vickie Rock - There is nothing more awful than Taylor Swift's new single. See how long you can last.

Not exactly roots alt-country.

steve simels said...

Vickie-- interesting.

I'm very curious to see her next time she plays NYC.

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

No match for Kirsty's original, as far as I'm concerned...or Tracey Ullman's cover for that matter. Nice try nonetheless.

steve simels said...

Dude--it's better than both of the originals. On every level.

IMHO, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Steve: I'm with you, wholeheartedly on the song.

By all means do check out Lydia L. when she hits NYC. Let me know if she's begun blossoming as a performer. She's got so much potential.

Vickie Rock - Balboa Beach house bound for five nights and four days of surf, celebration and sensation, imbued in white hot glistening shadowy flows.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I miss that impassioned "Ba-hey-bee-hee" Kirsty and Tracy led into the break with. Not that this version is bad.

Anonymous said...

Led into the break with???? Huh???

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Her song "Steve earle" from her second record, Idestructable machine is simply superb as is most of that record. I agree she needs work as a live performer but she has as they say ...potential.

Anonymous said...

She's best when caught in the swollen dream that is:

"Don't stop. Get in my bed. Don't stop giving me head."

Great song for those who needed more than they ever let on.

But she can still step it up a few notches. This girl is holding back. Hopefully she'll get past her introversion and let the demons roar.

I definitely wanna be there when that happens.

Vickie Rock - Rip tides and walled waves