Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Your Wednesday Moment of "Why Didn't I Get the Memo?": Special Whoops, Apocalypse! Edition

From 1986, the Angry Samoans go all nuclear on the Chambers Brothers classic "Time Has Come Today."

Yet another terrific band I was aware existed, but never actually heard any of their music until recently. I am depressed.

Seriously -- this is just a great fricking rock-and-roll record. Where has it been all my life?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that my favorite thing in the clip is the poster for The Brain From Planet Arous, a John Agar vehicle which is one of the most delightfully cheesy sci-fi flicks of all time. It also has a hilarious connection to -- of all things -- the 1964 Democratic convention, and you can read my account of that history over HERE.


Billy B said...

Like you, I remember the name, but had never heard any of their music. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

i suddenly have an urge to look for the tendencies' "Institutionalized"

Anonymous said...

Metal Mike is a treasure. How can you not like a band whose first single brutally attacks the shit out of the only DJ in L.A. who might have played their records. Now that's punk!

Steve, how could you miss these guys? Hell, they were music critics with a band, even.

What other movie posters are present in the video?

Million Dollar Movie also ran in Los Angeles on KHJ Channel 9, probably a sister station to WOR.

John Agar and awful sci-fi flicks kinda went hand in hand. Ever see The Mole People?

Vickie Rock - "Are you a square? What's the length of your hair? Are you a nerd? Or just a power pop turd?"

steve simels said...

Vicki -- I know, I know.

That said, I never forgave Metal Mike for his assertion that The Count Five were better than the actual Yardbirds precisely because they were one generation more removed from their sources.