Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Reverend Charles M. Young 1951-2014

A hell of a nice guy and probably the last amusing prose stylist at Rolling Stone.

He also played bass in the hilarious punk band Iron Prostate, whose CD can still be found over at Amazon HERE

Here, however, is their masterpiece -- the single "Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia."

Produced by Jim Steinman, of all people.

You can read more about Chuck's life and work over here at ROCKCRITICS.COM

And may I just add, and for the record, that this death shit is really starting to piss me off.


Anonymous said...

"Bring Me the Head" is a 1991 cover version of a song originally done in 1987 by Archie Brown and the Young Bucks.

Steinman brought in the cast from "Cats" to sing "Dead! Head! Dead! Head!" for this version.

R.I.P. Charles.

Vickie Rock

steve simels said...

I did not know that.

pete said...

A work of genius. Author!

Anonymous said...

Yes, ....and Jerry's head glows in the dark.

Vickie Rock - Trying to catch a couple at the Wedge. Because of the mediocre conditions, my baby bought me a sexy new springsuit, which oughta win me plenty of heat:-) Think I'll wear it to see the Zombies tonight at the S&M Pier.

MJConroy said...

I don't know who Vickie is, but she does Rock! Knows who did this originally and off to the S&M pier- ha, Ha!! Thanks for contributing here, Vickie.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

RIP, Reverend. Quick know how it feels good to play something new for someone and they like it? Of course you do...that's why we're all here.

WSell, back in the early 80's I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Young. We were hanging out at my then-girlfriend's apartment (she worked at RS magazine). After some small talk, it was time to play some music. I asked Chuck what he wanted to hear. He said (essentially) "Surprise me. I want to hear some rock 'n roll". I decided to put on the just-released Rockpile album, Seconds of Pleasure. To MY distinct pleasure, he hadn't heard it yet and absolutely loved it. Good feelings ensued, all around.

I know I only met him once, but he seemed like a really lovely guy.


BentleyBT said...

It's been several weeks and I wish this post could have been more timely, but I wanted to share a story I wrote about my 10-year friendship with Chuck that includes an interview I did with him where he really lets it fly on the publishing industry. The story provides some insights on Chuck that you won't find in other bios.