Friday, January 15, 2021

Found Music (An Occasional Series): Songs From a 30 Plus Year Old Mp3 Player I Just Unearthed -- Part III (I Have No Title Joke for This One, Which is a Stone Musical Masterpiece)

The astounding World Party -- from 1990 -- and the greatest George Harrison record George Harrison never made.

As recovered from the old gizmo I have been bugging you about for the last several days.

It doesn't get more gorgeous than that, nor should it. I should add that it is one of the greatest regrets of my adult life that I never saw those guys do that song live.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

An excellent song from a wonderful album. I also never got to see World Party perform, but I did see Karl Wallinger touring with the Waterboys in his pre-World Party days. I'll have to dig out the album for part of the weekend's mix.

- Paul in DK

daudder said...

World Party are a too often overlooked master at glorious music, that delivers a message with a great melody and beat. Every album is wonderful, and Ship of Fools is a masterpiece. Hope Karl the best, and gets well enough to continue this musical journey.

Anonymous said...

I have that same mp3 player- still works. I also appreciated using real batteries as opposed to charging it up. The display was not too good but the price was right.