Friday, January 22, 2021

It's Comedy and Music Week Part V: Special "All Lyrics Guaranteed Verbatim" Edition

From 1972 and National Lampoon's groundbreaking Radio Dinner album, please enjoy Ian Faith Tony Hendra's killer parody of John Lennon's primal scream period "Magical Misery Tour."

Incidentally, if you weren't around at the time, the cream of the jest of that track is that every word is stuff Lennon actually said in his famous immediately post-Beatles interview with Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone.

Coming next week -- music that more accurately reflects the title of this here blog.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Billy B said...

That's hilarious Steve.

So Lennon actually said all that?

He certainly was a humble sort, no?

edward said...

Really, how this song should be covered by every frustrated high school garageband. Who doesn't want to yell "I'm sensitive as SHIT!" at an audience?

Alzo said...

I didn't start laughing until the subtitles for "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhh.'

Yeah, John's martyrdom has completely obscured what a total fuck he often was.