Friday, January 08, 2021

We Are the Cambridge Preservation Society

From our Department of the Intertubes are a Wonderful Thing Department: I posted this song, from the great Kimberley Rew's 2000 album Tunnel Into Summer, a couple of weeks ago.

And if memory serves, I mentioned at the time that I really wanted to record a cover of it some day, but that I was unable to decipher about half the lyrics, due to Rew's impenetrable -- albeit charming -- British accent.

In any case, I was over at Facebook kvetching about this recently, and somebody said to me "Uh, Steve -- Rew is on the social media; I bet if you ask him he'll send you the words."

So I did. And to my utter astonishment, the great man forwarded them to me within 24 hours.

I don't even know where to begin about this. But here they are.

I wish every day was like today/ Right here in Cambridge I will stay/ The sun can stop in if it please/ If I can swish thru autumn leaves


And love this is no ordinary feeling/ By your side my proud adventuress/ The simple pleasures are the best

I think about your smiling voice/ I’d sulk at home but I’ve got no choice/ Your roving spirit lets me slide/ My blinding failures pushed aside


After October winds have blown/ Extension builders scurry home/ Develop all they can and more/ Shapes of things to come by my front door


Bottom line: That's a great freaking poem, and a song lyric that is so brilliant in a deeply English way that it can only be compared to Ray Davies at his best.

And yes, I'm going to record a nasal suburban Jewish version of it sometime this summer. Please pray for me.

POSTSCRIPT: From now on, BG will no longer be referred to in these precincts as a certain Shady Dame but rather as "my proud adventuress."

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Jai Guru Dave said...

Yeah, that’s a great turn of a phrase.

I’ve got one of those.

steve simels said...

I hear ya, pal.

Gummo said...

BG the Proud Adventuress?