Thursday, January 28, 2021

When Irish Eyes Etc.

From 2020, please enjoy the (previously unknown to me) wondrousness that is the pride of the streets of Belfast Dea Matrona and the most gorgeous Crosby Stills and Nash cover you'll ever hear in your life.

Jeebus H. Christ on a piece of burnt challah toast, but those sisters are beyond belief great.

I should add that there's a third DM gal who apparently was otherwise engaged when the above was filmed.

Words, as they say, fail me.

[h/t Jai Guru Dave]


Dave Leonatti said...

Steve: Also- they have a video busking on the street cranking out Cream's "Crossroads"
. It will further endear you to them

Dave Leonatti said...

Found the Youtube link. Crossroads by DM. Enjoy

Jai Guru Dave said...

The two girls in the video are not sisters, although they have that Everly Bro.-level harmony that is usually only heard in siblings. So good!
The third member of the band (not seen in this video) is the sister of one of the two singers.
I saw the Crossroads video too; and I’m gobsmacked. They are phenomenal!

MJConroy said...

Want to se another fabulous cover version of a CSN song?
How about the Foxes and Fossils - 1st song at their first live performance, Suite Judy Blue Eyes:

mrh said...

That's a big 10-4, good buddy!