Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Our Back Pages

Attentive readers are aware that, when not otherwise occupied raising my blood pressure over the outrage du jour from President Twitler in the Bunker, I have been more profitably spending my time producing a Byrds tribute album featuring my old band The Floor Models and some special guests.

At the moment we have 9 songs in more or less completed form as well as some amazing album art (courtesy of my beautiful and brilliant art director girlfriend...

...who as always is working cheap); the current plan is to finish two more tracks this month and then to get the whole thing out immediately to a world clamoring for more Floor Models stuff, but as you know, these things always take longer than you hope or expect. In any case, I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, as a sort of belated Christmas present for all you guys, here's the fully finished opening and closing tracks; hope you enjoy them.

I should add that "We'll Meet Again" features our old pal and auxiliary Flo Mo Ronnie D'Adarrio on all vocals and instruments, and we offer it up as a farewell to our late great bandmates Andy Pasternack and Glen Robert Allen. I hope somewhere in heaven they are listening to it and smiling.


pete said...

big yay

JDGoldberg said...

Once again, stellar work by Ronnie!