Monday, December 06, 2021

Tales From RCA's Studio B in Manhattan (An Occasional Feature): Part II - Beyond the Canyons of Your Mind

From 1968, please enjoy under-appreciated NYC folk/rock/psych band Autosalvage and their beyond haunting single that should have been a hit "Parahighway."

As I suggested LAST WEEK, these guys -- although only vaguely similar (stylistically) to The Youngbloods -- recorded (with the same engineer) in the same famous RCA studio that the Youngbloods used, and if you listen to the song I posted last Wednesday and then compare it to the above, it's quite obvious that the two productions were done in the same room. The drum sound alone is a giveaway.

I should add that the Autosalvage album is great across the board, and it's kind of a mystery why they're not better known. It's been suggested, and I think reasonably, that those guys should have moved to San Francisco; they probably would have been huge at Left Coast ballrooms.

I should also add that Autosalvage bassist Skip Boone is the brother of Lovin' Spoonful bassist Steve Boone, and that the band's rhythm guitarist Darius Davenport, is the son of one of the founders of The New York Pro Musica, one of the first and best original instrument groups performing medieval and early baroque classical stuff.

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ChrisE said...

I wish some enterprising record company - say, Sundazed in the U.S. or Big Beat in the U.K. - would do a nice CD and vinyl reissue, including comprehensive liner notes, on this album. Back in the early 2000s, it was reissued on CD by a U.K. company called Acadia (I don't own a copy of their pressing) but their reissue is now out-of-print.