Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Since both KC and I have just put up rather bummed-out holiday posts, I thought it might be nice to go out on a more uplifting note.

Thus, from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey back in '78, it's Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band with the best damn Independence Day song ever.

Thanks, Boss.

[h/t Bill Buckner]


Kid Charlemagne said...

Fantastic. Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...

I saw Bruce in the summer of 1974, four times. It never got better.

Anonymous said...

What a great performance. Thanks for the post.

Not really a proper video, but here's the Hollies version.

steve simels said...


Thanks for the Hollies post.

I was a huge fan, as you can imagine, and when the album with "Sandy" came out I went to see them at the Bottom Line. Springsteen was sitting at a table across the aisle directly in front of me (at the point, he wasn't a superstar and most of the people in the audience didn't seem to recognize him. To me, of course, he was already a god.)

Anyway, I spent most of the show trying to work up the courage to go over and try to shake his hand, and just when I started to get up, a waitress carrying a pizza tray full of drinks and beers tripped and spilled the whole thing in my lap. I was sopping wet and smelling like a brewery.

Needless, to say, I didn't go over to Bruce and introduce myself.

I've always regretted that.

TMink said...

"4th of July" by X works well too.